Underseat Heaters

Pew HeatersA practical and economic method of heating a church


  • Churches
  • Corridors
  • Waiting rooms

Heating in Churches

Heating a conventional church presents many problems to overcome.  The large volume means that maintaining a comfortable air temperature is extremely expensive.  To warm up the air from ‘cold’ prior to each service would take a very long time, consume a great deal of energy and is not generally regarded as a practical solution.  In many churches it is not permissible to fit heaters to walls or suspend them from the roof.  Any source of heat needs to be silent and as unobtrusive as possible.

Where fixed pews are in place, the KLC range provides the best method of heating in a church. The heaters should be fixed to the back-board of the pew below the seat.  KLC convection heaters provide direct heat to the people sitting in the pews. As no attempt is made to build up a body of warm air within the church, the heaters can be switched on minutes before a service starts and switched off immediately it finishes.  KLC convection heaters are extremely unobtrusive. Painted dark brown and installed under a traditional pew they are barely noticeable. Natural convection heaters such as the KLC are silent and with no moving parts require little maintenance.  As the KLC is a direct source heat, only occupied pews need to be heated.


  • Robust steel construction with central baffle plate to promote convection currents
  • Long life metal sheathed finned heating element
  • Dark brown finish
  • Auto-reset over-temperature protection
  • Electrical connections can be made at either
    end of the heater
  • Safety guards with dark brown finish
  • Floor mounting brackets with dark brown finish

  • Safety guard

Pew Heater GraphicControlling KLC Heaters in a Church

Controlling KLC heaters in a church is generally as simple as switching on the required heaters immediately before a service and switching them off once the pews have been vacated. This can be achieved manually or by means of a programmable timer if preferred.

It is not usually necessary to use thermostatic control in a church application as there is no attempt being made to build up and maintain a body of warm air.


KLC heaters are designed to be fitted onto the backboard between the seat supports of a church pew. For best results the heaters should cover as much of the length of the pew as possible. Where a backboard is not available KLC-FB floor brackets will be required.

Use the following table to determine the recommended heaters:


Minimum (mm) Maximum (mm) Recommended Heater
650 750 KLC-300B
750 1000 KLC-500B
1000 1500 KLC-750B
1500+   Use multiple heaters


List No. Output
Volts Dimensions (mm) FInish Recommended
KLC-300B 0.3 230 148 566 62 Brown KLC-EXG6 3.0
KLC-500B 0.5 230 148 691 62 Brown KLC-EXG7 4.0
KLC-750B 0.75 230 148 945 62 Brown KLC-EXG10 5.0
KLC-FB Floor mounting brackets (pair) Brown    
KLC-EXG6 Safety guard -  610mm Brown    
KLC-EXG7 Safety guard -  730mm Brown    
KLC-EXG10 Safety guard -  1000mm Brown