Control Panel
The KALORIC range of proportional and stepped heater control packages provide an efficient, cost effective and easy to install solution to heater control. They come complete and ready for installation. All that is required is a mains supply and wiring to the heater, cut-out, sensor which is supplied and fan.

A range of controls is available giving either Step (On-Off) control or Thyristor control. The control panels are designed to make all site wiring as quick and easy as possible. For safety, fan circuits, interlocks and run-on timers are built into the panels.

Each control panel is designed to comply with the requirements of legislation covering the Low Voltage Directive and E.M.C. Directive.

Standard panels are supplied complete with sensors and, if required, can be supplied for use with Energy or Building management systems with 24V A.C. or 10V D.C. signals.

Panels include: fuses, MCB, overloads, as appropriate for both fan and heaters. Seven day time clocks and Fire Alarm interface are available as options.

For low cost installation step controls are the most economic solution. For sensitive areas, and very close control, Thyristor control Is the best option.

Single phase heaters up to 3 kW are available as Thyristor or Step control.

Three phase heaters up to 27 kW are available as Thyristor or Step control.

Larger heaters can be accommodated by special panels.

Each panel is supplied with individual switches and indicators for fan and heater. Moulded or Steel enclosures with beige polyester epoxy powder paint finish are used throughout!