Insertion Units

STAB-IN (on a plate) Duct Insertion Heaters

KALORIC Stab-in (on a plate) Duct Insertion Heaters are designed for insertion in a rectangular opening cut in the side of an air duct. The elements are fitted to a galvanised sheet steel plate which can be screwed on to the duct by means of self-tapping screws or similar fixing arrangement. A removable cover box protects the terminals of the elements and the manual reset thermal cut-out.

The Insertion Units are supplied as a standard fitted with a manual reset thermal cut-out for protection against overheating. They are also available with Auto and Probe cut-outs, which can be supplied fitted with a third terminal suitable for connection to light and sound alarm if required. The standard disc type single phase cut-out has a carrying capacity of 15 amps at 240 volts.

Loadings exceeding the above have to be wired in the coil circuit of a contactor. In case of 3 phase supply, the cut-out has to be connected in line with the single phase coil of a 3 phase contactor.

Duct DiagramDuct insertion heaters are a particularly simple and economical method of providing additional heat for boosting or similar requirements where existing ducting or plants are to be utilised. The elements are available in a wide variety and are tailor made to suit operating conditions and individual requirements.

When installed, Insertion Units should be supported so that their weight is not transmitted to ductwork and so they can be easily removed for cleaning or renewal purposes without disturbing the adjacent ductwork.

In addition to duct insertion heaters KALORIC can supply heaters suitable for installation in air handling and air conditioning units of many manufacturers.

When ordering, state duct size, total load, number of steps, voltage, phase, air volume, entering and final air temperatures.

These appliances must be earthed and be wired and fitted to comply with the latest I.E.E. Regulations.