Rod and Finned Elements

KALORlC Standard, finned and block tubular elements are designed and manufactured from highest grade of resistance wire and are fitted In stainless steel tubes filled with granular magnesium oxide to ensure quick heat transfer from the resistance coil to the sheath

Electric ElementsElements are available either straight or bent into shape to suit individual requirements and fitted with terminations to specification. The wide range of sizes and loadings facilitates the selection of the correct type of element in relation to the airflow and size of ducts

To increase the rate of heat dissipation from the elements cooling fins are fitted as shown above. The fins are wound under high tension onto a standard rod element. Good surface contact is thereby ensured resulting in a highly efficient transfer of heat.

Some 6 fins are provided per inch length of heater and this increases the radiating surface approximately 4 times. In view of the improved rate of dissipation these elements may carry a higher density of loading and would be a considerable improvement over the standard rod elements.