Proud, Family-Run Manufacturers of Electric Commercial and Industrial Heating Products for more than 60 years

KALORIC HEATER CO LTD is a member of the M&J Lossos & Co Ltd Group. M&J Lossos & Co Ltd was founded between the two world wars as traditional heating, hot water and ventilation engineers involved in numerous large commercial, industrial and residential projects including full air conditioning.

In the early years KALORIC developed a unique patented design of electric heating element, for which an early contract was for heating the air raid shelters throughout the United Kingdom during the Second World War.  This element has been successfully used over many years in KALORIC’s range of convectors, Unit Heaters and Heater Batteries.

The addition of rod type sheathed and finned elements has enhanced and extended the range of KALORIC’s products to make KALORIC HEATER CO LTD not only an established name in the heating, air conditioning and process heating industry, but also a market leader for these products.

Products over the years have included electric heating equipment for Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace in London, specially designed unit heaters for preheating aircraft jet engines for The Royal Air Force, heater units for H.M. Coastguards around the British Isles, grain dryers for agricultural purposes, oven heaters for bakeries, heater terminal units for offshore installations and prestige developments such as Canary Wharf in London’s Docklands and the new airport terminal buildings in Hong Kong and Tel Aviv.

KALORIC has supplied considerable numbers of Fan Heaters and Heater Batteries to Heysham and Torness Nuclear Power Stations as well as to other Power Stations such as Hinkley Point, Wylfa, Sizewell B and Ferrybridge A and B.

Amongst other notable as well considerable quantities of our products were supplied to Sandown Racecourse New Stand, Felixstowe Ferry Terminal, Westminster Hall at the Houses of Parliament, The Home Office and even to the personal homes of past Prime Ministers.

KALORIC has also exported over many years to Holland, Germany, Turkey, Iraq, India, Russia, China and as well as many Arab States and African countries.  KALORIC also made specially designed Convector Heaters for the London Underground as well as for the Jubilee Line Extension.

KALORIC HEATER CO LTD prides itself as a family run company with the third generation now involved in giving personal attention to its customer requirements to ensure that the quality, performance and delivery of each order is achieved to the full satisfaction of the client.